May 8, 2017

Science Of Quick Feet

Developing the neural pathways;

The brain is a problem solver and repeated movements are stored in the brain as nerve impulses.
These impulses direct the muscles and joints to respond in the way that they have been repeated.
As the action is taken a Myelin sheath forms around the nerve and thickens with repitition of that action.
This thickening enables the nerve to quickly conduct impulses between the brain and the body making it easier to fire the signals in the same pattern in future.
Therefore, continued reptition should then lead to automatic responses and movements. The insulation of Myelin is identified as “essential for learning”.

Quick Feet and its methods will accelerate touches as much as 10 times normal practise.

Progress tracking;

Quantifiable data is imperative to tracking the progress of any player not only for the coach but for the player.

Quick Feet produces a score based on accuracy and your time between receiving the ball and the delivery of your next pass.

  The score is displayed and announced at the unit and can be stored or printed for future analysis.    


It is important to use your practise time productively, Quick Feet methods are specific to one of the most fundamental techniques in football, passing and controlling the ball.


 It’s great fun and you can challenge yourself and your friends.


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