January 17, 2018


Please see link to the Quick Feet Drills;


Please see video links below to be used along side the Drills Booklet.


This is constantly passing the ball at two panels repeatedly. Try and use the inside and the outside of your feet to control and pass. To make this harder try and use alternative feet when playing the ball. For example; pass with left and then right, then left, then right etc.


To get the most out of this activity you should pass and control with both of your feet. #12 is the starting panel to hit, pass the ball at this panel, control and pass at the #2 panel, control and pass back at the #12 panel. Then pass the ball to the #10 panel and then back to the #12. Try to use alternative feet when passing to improve your control and touch. To make this harder you can start to use the outside of your feet.


Pass to the #12 panel, control, turn pass to the #6 panel, control, turn, pass to the #12 panel.


Start off at the #12 panel, turn and pass to the #4 panel. Once it has rebounded turn and pass it back to the #12 panel. Once rebounded, control, turn and pass to the #8 panel. Continue to do this for 5 sets.


Please see the video below for inspiration when creating your own drills!




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