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Introducing the new Quick Feet App, the App will provide all your set up information for the Quick Feet range, click on More Info in the App then the product set up you need

The App works with the Trainer and a set of sensors to create the Quick Feet Coach Kit. With the app you can now track the players progress better and more accurately than any product available.The App can measure accuracy, speed and weight of pass. It has features like, history of all drills, league tables and export of the data. The App is free to download and is compatible for Apple and Android, phones and tablets and work’s on both the Junior and the Quick Feet Trainer.


Above is the homepage of the App. The app is connected to the QF Trainer via a series of sensors and Bluetooth box, which are simple to install.

Visual prompt is available via Quick Vision App, which is a paid for App.


Select your drill, amount of sets and players, and you’re ready to go!

The directions on what panel to pass to are given verbally, via your phone/tablet.

Visually is available via Quick Vision App, at a small charge.

Instant feedback is given from the Quick Feet Coach



View leader boards of the best scores recorded by each player, with the option to export all data.



Perfect for tracking progress of players, nothing motivates a player more than seeing their progress.

Be able to see each drill before you play them!


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